Rubens M. Lopes

Research Interests

I have a wide-ranging research activity on the ecology of plankton systems, with the general goal of understanding environmental and biological controls on plankton distribution and behavior. My research and outreach projects are based on both field and laboratory studies, from oceanography cruises covering large ocean basins to small-scale video observations. In recent years I have been involved in the application and development of innovative solutions to detect and analyze plankton composition and abundance in the sea and in enclosed systems. Most of my work is carried out in collaboration with other research laboratories in Brazil and abroad.


PhD, Federal University of Paraná, Brazil (1997)

MSc, University of São Paulo, Brazil (1989)

BSc, University of São Paulo, Brazil (1985)

Ongoing Projects

Ongoing research projects in my lab are listed on the Projects page.

Recent publications

Culverhouse, P.; MacLeod, N.; Williams, R.; Benfield, M.; Lopes, R. M.; Picheral, M. 2014. An empirical assessment of the consistency of taxonomic identifications. Marine Biology Research 10(1).

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Lopes, R. M., 2007. Marine zooplankton studies in Brazil - A brief evaluation and perspectives. Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências, 79:369-379.

Additional publications: [in Portuguese]

Teaching Activities

I teach three undergraduate level courses as part of the IOUSP oceanography major (IOB 135 - Pelagic systems, IOB 146 - Zooplankton secondary production, and IOB 122 - Oceanography - Marine environment), and two graduate courses within our oceanography program (IOB 5751 - Advances in marine pelagic ecology, and IOB 5742 - Secondary production).

Links to Scientific Organizations

I have participated on the SCOR WG 130 on Automatic Visual Plankton Identification. For information on the group’s activities and results, visit the SCOR website. After completion of SCOR tasks, group members established a Facebook page, which will continue to provide information on the topic, as part of the RAPID initiative (Research on Automated Plankton Identification).

I am member of the World Association of Copepodologists (WAC) since 1996, and have had an active role in the organization until recently. I chaired the 7th International Conference on Copepoda (ICOC) in 1999 and later established and managed the WAC website for about 7 years. I also built the first online version of the WAC membership database, available in 2002 through the website. The database was derived from contributions of Kurt Schminke (the original Monoculus database), Eduardo Suarez-Morales and John Fornshell (WAC secretary and treasurer by then) and myself (7th ICOC database).

I am also member of the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography - ASLO.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office (São Paulo) +55 11 3091-8963
Lab (São Paulo) +55 11 3091-6556