Former staff

Luis Fabiano Baldasso carried out his B.Sc. and M.Sc. projects in our laboratory, and worked in the SAMBA and ALOHA projects. He defended his M.Sc. thesis in February 2016.
Fernando Gómez Pérez was a CNPq fellow through the Science Without Borders Program. He worked at LAPS from February 2013 to December 2015 as a post-doctoral researcher studying marine protist biodiversity in Brazilian inshore waters, with emphasis on dinoflagellates.

Catarina da Rocha Marcolin defended her PhD thesis in 2013 and worked as a post-doctoral investigator at LAPS till September 2015. Her research dealt with plankton distribution and biomass size spectra in different shelf ecosystems off Brazil. Catarina is now a faculty member at the Federal University of Southern Bahia, in Porto Seguro.

Cassia Goçalo carried out her Ph.D. program studying the swimming behavior of cobia and grouper larvae, with the aid of high-speed imaging systems. Cassia defended her dissertation in 2015.

José Eduardo Martinelli Filho has finished his PhD project in 2013, with focus on the analysis of growth patterns in juvenile and larval copepods from a coastal environment. He is currently assistant professor of Zoology at the Federal University of Pará, Belém (Amazon region).

Damian Matuszewski was a M.Sc. student in the graduate program on Computer Sciences at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of São Paulo, under the supervision of Prof. Roberto César, and worked at LAPS as hired staff from the SAMBA and ALOHA projects.
Izadora Mattiello concluded her M.Sc. degree at LAPS studying staining techniques to determine phytoplankton viability aiming at environmental monitoring applications.
  Henrique Batistuzzo - Undergraduate student at the Oceanographic Institute. He worked with Izadora Mattiello in her study regarding phytoplankton staining techniques for cell viability tests.

Filippo Ghiglieno was a post-doc researcher at LAPS during 2012-2013 with FAPESP support, developing novel holographic reconstruction solutions for plankton imaging. Filippo is now a faculty member at the Physics Dept. at UFSCar, São Carlos.

  Leandro Rodrigues Cerqueira worked at LAPS as an engineer hired by the Peregrino project, during 2010-2013, performing acoustic analysis of Lander- and ship-based sensors, as well as hardware maintenance and deployment at sea.
  Newton Alessandro de Aquinoworked as a biologist at LAPS with automated visual identification of plankton and settling particles collected in sediment traps, using a FlowCAM, as well as with zooplankton identification and enumeration.
  Silene Nogueirawas an undergraduate intern working for the MARFLAT project and later a biologist hired by the Peregrino project.

Andréa Green Koettker carried out her graduate research on the distribution of benthic invertebrate larvae from the Abrolhos Bank, a 200 km-wide expansion of the continental shelf, northeast Brazil, and defended her Ph.D. dissertation in April 2013.


Naira Juliana da Silva has concluded in February 2013 her M.Sc. project at LAPS studying zooplankton feeding and reproduction in relation to exposure to potentially harmful microalgae.

Tulia Isabel Martinez Aguilar graduated in Biological Science at the Universidad del Valle - Cali, Colombia, and defended her M.Sc. degree in February 2013 studying the distribution of deep-sea microzooplankton based on FlowCAM observations.

Helena G. Kawall performed a post-doctoral research at LAPS during 2010-2012 addressing the occurrence of dormant microcrustacean eggs and dinoflagellate cysts in the coastal ecosystem of Ubatuba, as well as the environmental factors causing their awakening.

Charles Iury Oliveira Martins worked as a System Analist at LAPS during March - October 2011. He is now hired as Electronic Engineer at the Company of São Paulo Metropolitan - Metrô.
Tathiane Alves da Silva was an undergraduate intern at LAPS during most part of her Oceanography major at IOUSP. She defended her bachelor's dissertation in November 2010 on the distribution of coastal mesozooplankton analyzed with a Zooscan. Tathiane is currently a M.Sc. student at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Vanessa Silveira is an undergraduate student of Biological Sciences at Federal University of São Paulo - UNIFESP, and was an intern at LAPS in 2011.

Bruno Monti - Undergraduate student at the Oceanographic Institute. His project dealt with analysis of zooplankton images acquired with holographic systems. Bruno worked in close collaboration with Filippo Ghiglieno, former post-doc researcher at LAPS and a faculty member at UFSCar since 2013.