The team


rubens 3s Rubens M. Lopes, biologist and marine plankton specialist, is the lab leader and IOUSP faculty member since 2002. His research interests encompass several aspects of plankton ecology, and currently focus on the development and application of imaging systems for the automatic detection of plankton in the marine environment, and on experimental studies of plankton feeding and growth.
  Leandro Ticlia has a MSc degree from the Computer Sciences program, University of São Paulo, and works as a research assistant at LAPS developing computer vision methods for plankton identification (automatic classification).
Maiá Medeiros is an oceanographer graduated at Univali (Itajaí, Brazil) and is currently carrying out her MSc project studying imaging techniques for in-situ plankton detection, with a focus on organisms occurring within plankton thin layers.

Alessandra Colombo performed her bachelor's project in 2013, studying sinking rates of individual phytoplankton cells. She returned to the lab in 2015 with a INCT Mar - COI fellowship and is currently a M.Sc. student. Alessandra now develops a zooplankton time series study based on a moored imaging instrumentation setup implemented in our laboratory.


Yonara Garcia worked during 2015 for the INCT Mar - COI project and has enrolled for the M.Sc. program in 2016 to study zooplankton swimming behavior in relation to the presence of epibiont organisms.

Carolina Maciel is a M.Sc. student since February 2016. Her research project is based on the analysis of zooplankton swimming trajectories and seeks to understand how contaminants may affect zooplankton behavior. 

Claudia Guimarães studies the effect of ultrasound treatment on the behavior of biofouling organisms, with an emphasis on cirripede larvae. She is a fellowship recipient of the INCT Mar - COI project.


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