LAPS is a research unit led by Prof. Rubens Lopes at the Department of Biological Oceanography, Oceanographic Institute of University of São Paulo (IOUSP), Brazil. We are interested in the study of marine plankton ecology and biology, including the analysis of distributional patterns in a range of spatial and temporal scales, and phyto- and zooplankton behavioral responses to biological interactions and environmental forcing.



Our lab facilities are located at the main campus in São Paulo, and at the institute's marine station in Ubatuba. The Ubatuba location (a coastal town about half-way between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) provide easy access to seawater and live organisms.

Our optics lab is equipped with advanced instrumentation for plankton visual observations, which are applied in a variety of research activities, including experimental work on plankton behavior and in the development of in-situ optical sensors.


Optical table and view from IOUSP's coastal laboratory in Ubatuba

IOUSP is a leading marine science institution in Brazil, with strong education, research and outreach programs. We offer a major undergraduate course in oceanography, with 40 students enrolling each year, and the most extensive graduate program in the country (opened in 1972) covering all fields of marine research, including physical, chemical, biological and geological oceanography. Our high standards in education and research provide unique opportunities to develop outreach programs in different topics. LAPS participates in these efforts in a variety of ways.

A front view of IOUSP's main building in São Paulo, at the university campus.